3 Art Projects Kids Will Love Doing Outside


Painting (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

‘Tis the season to be outside! Pull your children away from the television and computer screens, get their noses out of books, and do some outdoor artwork. Below are three great ideas for art projects that your kids will love doing in the bright sunshine and the warm breeze of the summertime.

Paint Yourselves

What you need:

-non-toxic paints safe for putting on skin, many colors

-paintbrushes, different sizes

This is one of the best ways to teach kids that art and beauty can come in any form. Break out the many-colored paints, strip down to whatever clothing you and your children are comfortable with, and get painting! Encourage your child to use every color and to paint with wide and skinny brushstrokes. Allow them to paint you too! The body is a perfect canvas for experimentation, and you won’t have to worry about the mess when you experiment outdoors. Don’t forget to document the memories with pictures.

Decorate the Outdoor Décor

What you need:

-clean stones

-acrylic paint


-Q-tips, toothpicks, other precision tools

-non-toxic exterior varnish

Go around the neighborhood with your child and gather stones of all sizes. After you clean and dry them, bring some paint outside and decorate the stones however your child pleases. Draw letters or faces. Use a toothpick to add polka dots or swirls. After you’re done, coat the rocks in varnish so that your funky decorations last longer.

Make a Sidewalk Gallery

What you need:


-bucket of water


Every kid loves sidewalk chalk. Why not introduce them to a whole new medium by adding a little water? Let them draw whatever they want with chalk on each sidewalk square, creating a gallery. Then show them how to dip a paintbrush in water and watch how their artwork turns into something new! From stark outlines to beautiful, textured masterpieces, your sidewalk will look like a colorful museum.

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