3 Scary Fun Halloween Art Projects Your Little Goblin will Love


With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, your little one is probably bubbling over with excitement for trick-or-treating fun. But you don’t have to wait until the night of to get a little festive. These three Halloween art projects will bring the spirit of the holiday creeping right up to your doorstep and satisfy your kid’s craving for the frightful:

1) The Bat Hat

Your child will love feeling batty in this creative costume!

Black knit hat or beanie (colors optional)
Large sheet of stiff black felt
White felt

Start by cutting bat wings, ears, and pupils from the black felt. This might be something you want to do by yourself, but if your child is handy with scissors, let him/her help out. Then, cut out eye circles from the white felt. Next, trim the flat ends of the wings to match the shape of the knit hat, and attach them with glue. Pinch the edges from the inside of the hat, and secure them with clothespins to dry. Attach the bat’s ears in the same way. Finally, place the goofy hat on your child’s head and let them decide where the bat’s eyes should be. Just make sure your kid doesn’t fly away!

2) Jar-o’-Lanterns

Easy enough to do with a small child, this project makes for some great Halloween decorations!

Battery operated tea-lights
Clean glass jars
Masking tape
Orange acrylic paint

Take the scissors and cut the masking tape into geometric, jack-o’-lantern style face shapes. When you’re done, let your child take the pieces and shape them into a properly spooky face. Then, place the tape shapes on the outside of your glass jars, and then let your child get to work covering those jars in orange paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape carefully, and set a battery operated tea-light glowing inside. Your child will be mesmerized by the ordinary jar’s transformation into an extraordinary Jar-o’-Lantern!

3) Pasta Skeletons

Halloween fun that’s educational, too!

Construction paper
Crayon (optional)
Illustrations of skeletons (human or otherwise)
Variety of pasta shapes

Get out your pasta and get to work! Using skeleton illustrations as a guide, have your child use pasta pieces (the more kinds the merrier) to replicate the pictures you provide, gluing the pasta onto the construction paper. You can even use alphabet noodles (or crayons) to label them! Your child will be having fun while learning about the body at the same time.

Let Halloween bring out your child’s crafty side. Take advantage of this spooky opportunity to bond with your son or daughter and create a fun hat or creepy decoration that will last for many Halloweens to come.

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