4 Activities to Show Your Students the Joy of Volunteering!

Volunteering is important for so many reasons. When a child learns to give back, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and joy as they help those in need or contribute to making the world a better place! The joy of volunteering is something that can be taught to your students. Help to mold them into socially conscious adults who care about the world by engaging them with the ideas below!

1. Plant a Tree

Trees are pretty to look at, but they’re useful too! Teach your class how trees produce oxygen for us to live and how many of them are chopped down for us to use as resources. They’ll soon understand the importance of keeping the Earth covered in trees.

Transition the lesson to one on volunteering by purchasing some saplings or seeds from a greenhouse. Then find a place where the students can plant them! It could be on school grounds, at the park, or in a forest. Show each child how to plant the seeds or saplings, and watch as the ground fills up!

Return to the spot with your class to see how their trees are growing, and show them that they should feel proud of what they did. You could even incorporate the life cycle of their trees into a science lesson.

forest-343483_6402. Clean Up!

One way to volunteer is to clean the litter from parks, roadsides, and around buildings. Teach your class about how litter harms the environment, and they’ll understand why cleaning up is so important. Turn it into a game! Award a prize to whoever cleans up the most, or create a scavenger hunt by asking them to collect a certain amount of certain types of litter, like cans. Your students will have fun helping their environment!

3. Create Plates, Bowls, and Mugs for the Less Fortunate

Your local homeless shelter could probably use more plates, bowls, and mugs, so why not make some? Have your little ones draw unique, positive designs on the kitchen supplies, giving them flair that no one will forget. Once everyone makes something, donate the supplies to a local homeless shelter or food bank Show your students the good work they did by taking them with you!

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Children love animals; indulge this love and encourage giving back by spending a day at the local animal shelter. Your students can play with the animals, feed them, walk them, and clean up after them! Teach your class about the work shelters do to place hurt or abandoned animals in good homes.

Volunteering can be fun! By teaching children the joy of giving back, you will help build their character and prepare them for a great future of helping people. They’ll learn that nothing compares to the happiness they feel when helping others!

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Nona Taut

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