4 Activities to Teach Your Class the Joy of Giving!

Children are eager to open gifts this holiday season, but why not teach them the joy of giving? Your students can learn a valuable lesson about how giving makes them feel thankful for what they have in addition to helping others.

Here are a few activities you can do to get them started and teach them to be generous givers for life!

Start a Food Drive

Many less fortunate children need a good meal over a new toy this holiday, so why not set up a food drive? Ask your class to bring in food from home, whether it’s canned, baked, or Christmas candy! Give students bonus points depending on how much food they bring. By donating your students’ contributions to a local charity, you and your class will give those in need the gift of great food for the holidays!

Encourage Your Students to Be Thankful

stockvault-students113094This activity is great for Thanksgiving, but it can work for Christmas, too! Ask your class what they’re thankful for this holiday season. Every answer will be different. Some will be thankful for their parents; others will be thankful for a new toy. Let them answer honestly. Have them write what they’re thankful for on pieces of paper, and stick every piece on a board to make a collage of thankfulness.

Give Each Other Presents!

Ask each member of your class to bring in a present. It can be homemade, a new toy, a new game, or something unique. Once all of the gifts are gathered, give them to your students. Which child receives which present can be chosen at random or through a game. Let them open their gifts, and watch their eyes light up once they see what they received!

Tell a Story About Giving

Children love hearing stories; take advantage of this to use storytelling to teach them about giving. Talk to people like parents, grandparents, and other teachers to find stories about lives made better through the power of giving. Gather all of the stories you can find, and present them to your class! Be sure to include heartwarming tales, but remember that not all of the stories have to be emotional; you could tell them about children like them receiving something they wanted. Stories of giving are out there and can make valuable teaching tools.

The holidays don’t have to revolve around getting presents. Giving can be just as fun as receiving, if not more so! Teaching your class about the joy of giving will instill in them great moral lessons. Try some of these fun activities with your students, and soon they’ll realize just how great it is to give!

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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