4 Arts and Craft Projects to Bring in the New Year

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Your little one may not make it to midnight, but that doesn’t mean the New Year can’t be a cause of celebration for them too. A great way to commemorate the coming of 2014 with your child is by doing a few fun New Years-themed art projects; in addition to making them excited for the new year, such crafts can teach your child a thing or two. And what could be better than that? So settle down with you child and bring in the New Year with some art!

Countdown Clock

Let your child practice reciting their numbers and telling the time with this fun project that gets kids excited about the coming of the New Year!

Black foam
Black marker
Decorative materials
Metal fastener
Paper plate

Start by using the black marker to write the numbers of the clock face around the edges of the paper plate. Next, cut arms from the pieces of black foam, making the length of the minute hand about six inches and the hour hand about four inches. Poke a hole through the arms and the center of the plate and fasten them loosely enough that the arms can spin. Then hand the Countdown Clock over to your child and let them loose!

Wish Bank

Teach your kids the value of planning ahead with this fun and simple New Year’s project!

Empty coffee can with lid
Paint, markers, etc.
Photos cut from newspapers or magazines

Start by covering an empty coffee can with paper. Then cut a slit large enough to fit folded bills into the lid, and let your child decorate their Wish Bank with photos from magazines and newspapers. While you’re crafting, ask your kids about what they’re looking forward to do in the upcoming year. Have they made any New Year’s resolutions? Is there anything they want to save money for? If there is, talk about the value of saving money and the joy of watching those savings grow!

Make Your Own “Fireworks”

Light up your child’s night with this simple and safe firework-inspired art project!

Black paper
Colorful glitter

Start by helping your child draw lines of glue on black paper in the shape of fireworks. Then, simply sprinkle glitter onto the glue—and watch the night sky come to life! Whether or not your child makes it all the way to midnight, you can be sure their “fireworks” will bring a smile to their face. Afterwards, you’ll have a cute craft that can be hung on the fridge for many New Years to come!

New Year’s Noisemaker

Let your child in on the fun of making noise at midnight with this cute craft!

Decorative materials
Dry beans or pasta
Paper plate

Start by folding a paper plate in half; staple it three times on the edges, once in the center and once on either end. Then add pasta and beans (or your noise-maker of choice) to the pocket in the center. When securing the rest of the paper plate with staples, add some colorful ribbons to flow from your child’s noisemaker when they shake it. Finally, let your child decorate, adding the numbers of the New Year with stickers or markers. Now ehen the clock strikes midnight, your kids will have the perfect way to express their excitement!

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