4 Classic Christmas Stories to Read to Young Children

The only thing children might love more than seeing their pictures on personalized gifts is a good Christmas story. The past few centuries have brought about plenty of memorable Christmas lore. From modern movies and stories to the classics, there’s something for even the Scrooges of the world! When you’re teaching Christmas literature to kids, however, you may want to begin by reading a few of the timeless classics. They’re relatable to life today, and they’re stories that children won’t forget!

A Christmas Carol

Everyone knows this classic! A Christmas Carol tells the story of a greedy miser named Ebenezer Scrooge and how his life changes after the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future visit him. This timeless classic has been adapted into many movies and plays over the years. Why not teach children about this masterpiece by using the original story? It’s a tale they won’t soon forget.

The Gift of the Magi

Another well-known classic, this is the story of a poor couple trying to buy presents for one other. Both buy accessories for their loved ones’ most prized possessions, but they sell their possessions to buy the accessories. While their gifts appear to be useless, they reveal just how much the couple loves each other. A great tale about the power of love and giving, this is one Christmas classic that isn’t going anywhere.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

We all know the song about Rudolph, but did you know that it started as a story? In the 1950s, Robert L. May created this iconic reindeer for Montgomery Ward. The familiar story contains a great message for children. A reindeer that is bullied for his shiny red nose ends up saving Christmas on a foggy Christmas Eve, as his nose helps guide Santa’s sleigh. The story teaches a child that their greatest flaw can help them when they learn how to use it.

santa-claus-84713_640A Kidnapped Santa Claus

This is another classic by L. Frank Baum, best known for creating The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In this story Santa Claus is tempted by Daemons who want to spoil Christmas for everyone. When that fails, the Daemons kidnap Santa, and it’s up to Santa’s fairy friends to save the day. A Kidnapped Santa Claus is responsible for some Santa lore we’re familiar with today, so it’s a great read!

These stories just scratch the surface! Look for other Christmas classics as well, whether they’re well-known or obscure. Each offers something for everyone, especially young children just beginning to learn about the world. They’ll love them, and so will you!

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