4 Fantastic Winter Field Trip Ideas

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With its cold weather and dreary days, the winter can be a real drag, especially now that the excitement of the holidays is behind us. You may even have noticed your students’ become slightly lethargic, their motivation decreased. Taking the kids on a wintertime field trip is a great way to get their blood pumping and their minds back in focus. Check out some wonderful winter field trip options below!

1) Take in the Arts

Concert halls and theaters are warm, comfortable places to pass a winter afternoon. So why not take your students to a local playhouse and see a show? Before the show begins, you can offer some background information, including who its author was, when it was first produced, and what its aims were. If you can, discuss how the show relates to your particular class. Once you’ve enjoyed a day of the arts, make sure to ask them what they liked about it and what they learned!

2) Serve the Community

Whether it’s spending the day at a soup kitchen or volunteering at a local animal shelter, taking some time to engage in community service is a great way for kids to gain some perspective. It’s important for children to learn about how others live and what they can do their part to help. Both you and your students will leave a little more aware of the world around you and feeling a warm satisfaction at having helped others in need.

3) Explore the Town

While you’re out and about, visit some of the town’s pillars. Your local police and fire stations will likely be happy to have you, and your students will love learning about the law and what these brave men and women do, putting their lives on the line every day to help keep their community safe. Even your town’s borough hall may open its doors for a fun winter field trip, giving students a chance to learn more about how their local government works, from passing laws to hosting elections and more. Who knows—one of your students might be inspired for a future career!

4) Learn About Capitalism

Speaking of future careers, winter is a great time to explore some local businesses. Whether it’s a pizza parlor or a textile manufacturer, setting up a visit can help teach kids how businesses function and contribute to the local economy. Your students will learn the ins and outs of shops and factories they may have taken for granted—and they just might end up finding their calling.

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