4 Pumpkin Crafts Kids Will Love This Fall

Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.

When fall rolls around, so do pumpkins! And while carving Jack-o-lanterns is fun, there’s so much more you and your kids can do with these fun gourds. So head out to the pumpkin patch, local farm stand, or grocery store, and choose a few quirky pumpkins to bring home. Set them on the table, gather your materials, and get ready for some crafty fun with your kids!

Color Your Gourd (with Crayons)

You may have seen crafts that involve melting crayons on canvas. Why not transfer the idea to pumpkins? All you’ll need are crayons, a hair dryer, and the willingness to get a little messy. For a Halloween theme use black, red, and gray to embody the motif. Help your child glue his crayons to the top of the pumpkin near the stem. Supervise and show him how to turn the hair dryer on to high heat, and point it in the right direction. Take turns aiming the dryer and turning the pumpkin, and watch the crayons start to melt almost immediately. Before long, your child will have a creative craft with color and texture!

Nail It!

For this craft you’ll need:

-A pumpkin
-A hammer
-String or twine (in fun colors)

Show your child how to hammer nails in a pattern (organized or random) into the pumpkin, making sure to leave a little bit of the nail heads sticking out. This repetitive action will help your child develop fine motor skills. Once the nails are secure, cut a long length of string or twine, and tie one end of the string onto the head of one nail. Let your child wind the string around the rest of the nails. A zig-zag pattern looks fun, but let your kid get creative. The finished product will make a unique fall decoration.

Use the Insides

The inside of a pumpkin can be just as fun as the outside! If you’re planning to carve a fresh pumpkin, harvest the seeds and roast them to make them nice and dry. If getting gooey isn’t your child’s idea of fun, buy some plain pumpkin seeds at the store. Next, color the dry seeds with non-toxic paint, and encourage your child to arrange them into an image. From a tree boasting the colors of fall, to a 2D pumpkin, your child will love using an unusual part of the gourd to make something new!

Give Your Pumpkin a Personality

Carving a face in your pumpkin is one way to give it some personality, but adding more personality can only mean more fun! Glue googly eyes onto your pumpkin. Color on a nose and a mouth, and if feeling outgoing, even ears!

To get into the Halloween spirit, turn your pumpkin on its side to make the stem look like a crooked nose. Craft a witch’s hat out of construction paper, and place it on the gourd’s head. Give him a pet by crafting a spider out of cotton balls and pipe cleaners. If your child loves princesses, have her cut out a crown for her pumpkin, bedazzled with jewels and sparkles. A creative pumpkin can even be donned with a cowboy hat or glasses. Anything your child imagines can be personalized in his pumpkin!

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