4 Unique Ways to Teach Your Students the Value of Teamwork

Working together is an important lesson children need to learn as they grow and mature. When they’re adults, they may have to work with people they don’t know, so learning the value of teamwork is important while they’re still kids.

Many teachers accomplish this by grouping the class for various projects, but there are more unique ways to teach your students the value of teamwork!

1. Tell a Story

Sit with your class in a circle, and have each student tell part of a story. To start, you can say a sentence, and then ask the student next to you to make up the next sentence in your made-up story. Go around the circle like that, and watch your students giggle at the funny, random additions to your team story.

To challenge your students’ creativity, have each part of the story be only three words long! This way, they can be as imaginative as possible in just three words. Set a limit as to how many turns it takes for the story to be finished. For instance, the story could end in three rounds or just one, challenging your students to work together to form a beginning, middle, and end.

2. Play Follow the Leader

This classic children’s game teaches quite a lot about teamwork. Follow the leader is a game where one person is the leader, and the rest have to imitate them, down the line. This can get silly if the students use their imaginations! The leader could do a chicken dance, jump around, or make silly noises. Make sure that every student has a chance to be the leader. They should all have a chance to express their creativity!

team-451372_6403. Solve a Problem Together

One way to get your little ones to learn the power of teamwork is to have them bounce ideas off of one another! A great way to do this is to have them sit in a circle and think of a problem. It can be something having to do with the school or perhaps an issue facing their town. It can even be something silly!

Have the students think of ideas about how to solve the problem. Each student can comment on the ideas proposed or suggest improvements of their own. This is a great way for your students to learn the etiquette of group work and problem solving they may encounter in the future!

4. Represent Teamwork

After engaging in these awesome activities, cement the value of teamwork in your students by asking them to depict what teamwork means to them. Have your little ones create their own plate with a picture of what teamwork looks like or what comes to mind when they think about teamwork. When they take their plates home, they’ll be reminded of the value of teamwork.

Teaching students about teamwork doesn’t have to be boring. With these creative activities, you can teach your class the value of teamwork and how to have fun as well!

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