4 Ways to Thank the Women Who Help You: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Everyone has at least one special woman in their life, whether she is their mother, sister, teacher, or friend. Throughout history, countless women have left their marks on the world by doing incredible things, from developing the earliest computer algorithms to becoming pioneers of research into radioactivity.

To commemorate these women and those who help your students every day, celebrate Women’s History Month! Here are a few fun ways to help your class commemorate this important month.

1. Decorated Poems

Take the opportunity of this important month to encourage your students to practice their best handwriting while thanking a special lady. Each child can work on a short poem about a woman in their life who cares for them, inspires them, or encourages them to do great things. Or they could craft a poem about a woman in history whom their loved one reminds them of.

Ask them to write their poems out carefully on plain paper then mount each one on colored cardstock. Using glue, strips of cardstock, and decorations like crepe paper and glitter, they can decorate the frames, creating a heart-warming gift.

do-it-yourself-381140_6402. Paper Flowers

A bouquet of paper flowers is another great gift for a special woman. You’ll need construction paper in various colors, green acrylic paint, wooden skewers, and some craft glue. A felt-tip pen will allow your students to add extra details to the flowers when they are complete. Paint the skewers green, and use them as the flowers’ stems. Glue leaf-shaped pieces of paper to each skewer, and fold flowers from paper of different colors to attach to the tops of the stems.

3. Decorated Plates

For a practical thank you gift your students can present to the women in their lives who inspire them, create some decorated plates! This meaningful memento is both unique and functional. It’s also a great chance to incorporate a lesson about Women’s History Month! Teach your class about the great inventions and achievements of women in history, then instruct them to decorate their plates with a picture of something special the woman they plan to give it to has done for them.

4. Thank You Cards

Encourage your students to pick a woman at school they want to thank. She could be a teacher, a cafeteria worker, or a school bus driver. Simply fold a sheet of colored cardstock in half, and then decorate the front using colored pencils or markers. Your students could even use glue to attach decorations like glitter or fun shapes. Each student can then write a short thank you message inside the card addressed to the woman of their choice.

It is easy to overlook how much the women in our lives do for us. Women’s History Month is a perfect chance to teach your students about the great things women have done in the past and remind them to do something special to show their appreciation for those women who mean the most to them.

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