5 Great Student-of-the-Month Prize Ideas

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All of your students try their best to excel in their studies, but usually one or two students stand out above the rest. While it’s important to acknowledge every student’s individual efforts, rewarding one student each month can be a great way to motivate everyone.

Crucial to that motivation is rewarding the student of the month with a great prize. Below are five ideas that will excite your current student of the month and encourage her peers to strive for the same level of success.

A Specially Designed Dish

Children love a gift that’s just for them. Design a special bowl or plate with the student’s picture on it, or allow each student of the month to create his own design. Have the original design printed on a dish that your stellar student can take home to show off. Every scoop of soup will be a reminder of his accomplishments!

A Feature on the Student-of-the-Month Board

Hang a bulletin board in your classroom or in the principal’s office that highlights each student of the month for the school year. Next to or below a smiling picture of the student, include some fun facts about her, like her favorite subject in school, her favorite food, and what she likes to do on her free time. She’ll be excited to show off her profile to friends, and those friends will in turn be motivated to see their own faces beaming from the bulletin board.

A Spot in the Front of the Line

The back of the class line is the worst place to be when everyone heads off to recess or to lunch. Reward the student of the month with a spot at the front of the line or as the line leader. The student will love being the first to run onto the playground at recess or the first to purchase his lunch.

Extra Credit

Extra credit is an extra boost of confidence, especially for a student of the month who worked especially hard for the accomplishment. Another academic-based reward is a homework pass, which gives the diligent student of the month an opportunity to take a break and have fun.

Lunch with a Guest

Allow the student of the month to eat lunch in the classroom or principal’s office with a special guest. This could be a best friend from class, a relative like a parent or grandparent, or teacher. The student will feel truly special and loved sharing a meal with someone they looks up to.

Be a Teacher’s Helper

One great opportunity for the student of the month is to flex his teaching skills by acting as a teacher’s helper for a lower class level. This could involve reading to younger students, aiding another teacher in passing out papers, or doing a science experiment.

A student who goes above and beyond academically and socially deserves to be rewarded. Along with the honorable title of Student of the Month, make sure your most stellar students receive a personalized prize that acknowledges all of their hard work.




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