5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and what better way to celebrate the holiday with your class than with some fun activities? Heart-shaped candy and red and pink cards aren’t the only things that make Valentine’s Day exciting! There are many more activities to choose from; here are just a few!

1. Explain the Origins of the Holiday

Do your students know why Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love? Why do they pass out Valentine’s cards? What is Cupid’s story? You can answer these questions in a creative way. Present the historical aspects of Valentine’s Day, along with folklore, both classic and modern. After that, your students can draw illustrations using construction paper to make their own Valentine’s Day history books!

2. Design Valentine’s Plates

Your little ones will need a place to put their candy and other sweet treats, so why not use Valentine’s Day plates? They can decorate the plates with hearts, arrows, and other symbols of love and then take them home once they’re finished!

3. Create Valentine’s Cards

Store-bought cards are cute, but to test your class’s creativity, ask each student to design their own! Have them use markers, colored pencils, and construction paper to craft the cards. Give them a tutorial on how to do so, and let their imaginations run wild. After that, gather all of the cards together and pass them out at random for the students to enjoy.

heart-599526_6404. Make Candy

Once again, buying candy from the store is a great idea, but why not teach your class a bit about cooking instead? Explain how chocolate is made, and allow them to make their own treats! If you don’t have access to an oven, you can have them create no-bake cookies and other sweets. After that, they can have their own Valentine’s Day feast!

5. Read Valentine’s Stories

You can find plenty of children’s stories about Valentine’s Day, making it perfect for some reading time. A few examples of stories include Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; The Day It Rained Hearts; and Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day. After reading, discuss with the class what they liked about the stories. For extra fun, have your class write their own Valentine’s-Day-themed stories to really let their imaginations and love for the holiday run wild!

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday; spread that love to your class! By engaging in these activities, they’ll be eager for the arrival of February 14 every year!

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