It’s All About You! 5 Ways to Celebrate National Teachers Day

May 5 is National Teachers Day, and it’s a great chance to get your class talking about the things they love most about school, including their teachers! Introduce these simple craft ideas to encourage your students to show their appreciation to the teachers who have helped them and even create a few useful items that they can use in their classrooms.

1. Create thank-you cards.

Every child has one teacher who has really made an impression on them or done something for which they want to say thank you. Using colored cardstock, poster paint, and halved apples, your students can make simple but unique cards to give to their favorite teachers. All they need to do is dip the apples in green or red paint and use them as stamps to decorate the cards. After all, every teacher loves an apple!

2. Make a stationery organizer.

This simple craft can be done in a number of ways. Your students could decorate used tin cans, either coating them with colored paper or covering the outer surface with rows of crayons or colored pencils. They could even decorate mugs and use them to hold pens, pencils, and rulers. Your students can give them to favorite teachers to help keep their desks organized.

teacher-702998_6403. Start a classroom tidy-up chart.

The classroom can very quickly become quite messy, especially as the year goes on and a growing number of things don’t quite make it back to where they belong. Encourage your students to come up with a list of ways to keep the classroom tidy and a checklist of where everything goes. Together you can create a large wall chart and make it a class effort to tick off everything on the list each day.

4. Make decorated bookmarks.

How much time would be saved during reading lessons if everyone knew which page they were on? Why not solve this dilemma by helping your class make decorated bookmarks? You will need strips of cardstock, colored pens and pencils, and other decorations such as glitter or sequins that can be attached with glue. These bookmarks are quick and simple to create, so your students may choose to make more than one and give the extra to their favorite staff member for National Teachers Day!

5. Create handmade flowers.

Another fun and simple craft project that your class can make to give to teachers as a token of appreciation are artificial flowers. Using pipe-cleaners for stems, students can fashion flower petals using cut-up toilet roll tubes, pieces of felt, and colored cardstock. For a finishing touch, use colorful buttons for the centers of the flowers!

Teaching is its own reward, but by encouraging your students to celebrate National Teachers Day, you not only remind them of their favorite things about school, you may even inspire them to someday become teachers themselves.

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Nona Taut

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