5 Ways to Help Mom in Honor of Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day draws near (May 10), it’s an ideal time to remind your students about the little things they can do to help out at home. Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts; it’s also about showing moms how much they’re appreciated and giving them a break from their busy routines. Here are a few ways your students can make this Mother’s Day extra special.

1. Make a list of helpful tasks, and work through them.

For homework, ask your students to gather chore ideas from their mothers. There are many little chores than can make a huge difference around the house, like vacuuming, sorting laundry, washing dishes, and taking pets for walks.

Ask your students to bring in their lists and write them out on notepads or small whiteboards. Your class could even make their own chore boards using stiff cardboard and blackboard paint. They can take the lists home, and cross the chores out as they complete them. Every little bit helps!

2. Do something mom likes!

dandelion-735814_640A great way to help mom have a wonderful Mother’s Day is to do something she likes to do! Encourage your students to do something nice or thoughtful for their mothers. They could pick her a bouquet of dandelions, give her a shoulder massage, or watch their brothers and sisters so mom can take a nap. Their mothers will be grateful!

3. Make a helping bowl.

In every home there are odds and ends that it’s hard to find homes for. To help keep these little things in order, why not have your class decorate tidy-up bowls? They can use them as a place to put odds-and-ends or even important notes that their moms need to see.

4. Pitch in with dinner.

If your students’ mothers make dinner almost every night, true help could come in the form of a break! Have your students brainstorm meals and sides that they can make, like pizza, cookies, boxed macaroni and cheese, or veggies. Then let them practice their ordering and logic skills by writing out the recipes with instructions.

5. Remember to say thank you.

One thing that warms every mother’s heart is simply hearing that her efforts are appreciated. Remind your class to say thank you to their moms once in a while. Whether it’s gratitude for cooking dinner, helping with homework, or going to work every day and still having time to play, this is a simple way your students can put a smile on their mothers’ faces.

It’s important to remind your class that helping out doesn’t stop when Mother’s Day ends. There are always little things they can do to make life easier for their moms and the rest of the family. The more everyone pitches in, the more time is left over for spending moments together, doing fun things as a family!

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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