5 Wintertime Crafts to Make the Season Fun!

The holidays may be over, but wintertime isn’t! With a few months to go until spring, why not teach your class about the joy of winter? It may be too cold outside for them to play, but they can still get the winter experience indoors! What better way to do that than through art? Here are some fun craft ideas.

1. Create Snowflakes

This is a very basic craft but still a lot of fun! Snowflakes are a symbol of winter, and crafting one out of construction paper is the perfect way to celebrate the season. As every snowflake is unique, each member of your class can cut out their own shapes. When they’re finished, hang all of the snowflakes on a wall so each student can see the special snowflake that represents them!

2. Make Stick-Figure Snowmen

You don’t need the snow to build a snowman! All you need is a stick from a frozen treat, some glue, white paint, construction paper, and other decorations. Have your students make their own snowmen that they can take home and hang in their rooms!

3. Decorate Snow Bowls

What better way for your students to eat wintery treats than out of snow bowls? Let them draw winter-themed imaginings on their bowls. Then they can take them home to enjoy!

snow-globe-239988_6404. Build Snow Globes

A snow globe is a little winter wonderland. Did you know that you can make one using conventional ingredients? Grab a glass jar, put a figure inside, use glitter to simulate snow, and there you go! Your class can make whatever figure they want using clay and then add something fun as a decoration.

5. Make a Pair of Mittens

The winter cold can make little hands cold and dry. If your students need something to warm up their hands, teach them how to sew! Bring in materials for your students to make their own mittens. Give them a tutorial about safety and how to make the shape of the mittens, and then let them go wild when it comes to colors. They can make snowmen mittens or maybe a dragon-themed pair! Let them use their imaginations when it comes to decorating them too.

This is just a handful of wintry activities you can introduce to your class. By building a snow globe, decorating a seasonal bowl, making a stick-figure snowman, and more, your students will learn to appreciate wintertime, and, best of all, they’ll have fun!

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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