9 Paper Crafts for Elementary Students

Great crafts don’t need to cost a lot of money. Being a teacher means you’re always coming up with creative ways to do more with less. If you’re looking for some easy crafts to do with your students then paper is a fantastic medium to work with. We’ve gathered a collection of some of our favorite crafts that are made of paper that elementary students can do in the classroom or at home. Makit will allow these projects to be saved and treasured.

Giant Snowflake

There’s something magical about snowflakes and making them out of paper is a fun craft for many ages. If you want to get the older kids a little more invested try a giant snowflake. Lay out 7-10 full sheets of newspaper next to each other and tape them together. Once you have your giant piece of paper fold it up and cut like you would a regular paper flake. Super-sized paper is sure to bring super-sized fun.

Paper Plate Butterfly

With just a paper plate some markers or paints and a toilet paper roll you can make a fun butterfly. Simply paint the plate, which will be the wings, and cut in half in a wavy pattern. Paint the toilet paper roll and then glue the plate to the roll. Paint or glue on some eyes and antennas and you have a butterfly!

Pop-Up Books

Pop-up books add adventure to reading, but nothing beats making your own. Kids can make a pop-up book with just a few simple cuts and their imagination. Have them create the story to go with their creation or turn the book into a card for mom. Link: http://hobbiesonabudget.com/2013/04/09/how-to-make-a-pop-up-book/

Mirror Picture

Give your kids a license to make a mess (sort of).  Make a picture with a mirror image on it by folding a piece of paper in half, opening it up, putting paint on one side and then folding it in half again. The paint will transfer the mirror image to the other side so you get a fun, unique pattern.


Those beautiful, three dimensional stars you’ve seen in craft and gift stores are easier to make than you’d think. Grab some paper and glue and follow this simple tutorial. Link: http://www.parents.com/fun/arts-crafts/kid/easy-paper-crafts-for-your-kids/#page=4

Paper Mosaic Placemats

Art is always more fun when it can be turned into something useful. Create a paper mosaic by roughly sketching a simple drawing (or letting your kids design one) and gluing on torn pieces of colored paper. You can make a pattern; create a landscape, a portrait, or letters. The possibilities are limitless!

ABC Book

Create a book out of index cards to teach your students about the alphabet. Use an index card ring to hold the book together and cut a plastic divider for the front and back of the book. Each letter can be related to a school activity, a classmate or something they learned. Let them choose what goes in the book and how to decorate it.

Simple Circle Birds

These simple birds are made out of a few circles of paper and a square, which means they’re great for younger children. Folded circles make fun and colorful birds that rock when you tap on their tails.

Link: http://www.projectsforpreschoolers.com/rocking-round-robin-paper-craft/

Decorated Origami House

This project takes the simple genius of origami and combines it with the fun of coloring and playing with dolls. Follow the guide to create an easy origami house shape with cardstock and then decorate it any way you want. The house stands up so toys can be used around it. http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make-an-adorable-origami-doll-house–craft-9221

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