Upbeat Ways to Overcome Your Students’ Wintertime Blues

Your students have been back to school for a while now, but they seem a little down. You may think it’s because they miss the fun they had over winter or holiday break, but there could be more to it than that! They may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD commonly affects people during the winter; the cold weather and dark days can cause your students to feel sad, irritable, tired, or have trouble concentrating.

As their teacher, you should make sure your little ones are as cheery as they can be! Here are a few activities you can introduce to cheer them up!

Get Physical

Sometimes SAD is caused by decreased activity due to poor weather. While it may be too cold for your students to play outside, they can get physical in the classroom. Begin class by doing some warm-up exercises. Devote a few minutes to stretching, jumping jacks, or running in place. Perhaps you could play an exercise video to get your students pumped up.

Make Some Winter-Themed Crafts

Have your students make crafts centered around winter to celebrate the season! They could design bowls for warm soup or mugs for hot cocoa. As a class, brainstorm some winter-themed designs, such as snowflakes or snowmen. Your students will love bringing their projects home to show mom and dad.

blow-22207_640Discuss What They Love About Winter

SAD can be one of the negative aspects of winter, but there are positives! There’s plenty to enjoy about this season! Discuss what your students love about fun wintry activities like building snowmen, making snow angels, or having snowball fights. Let them explain what they enjoy most on a snow day. Whatever it is, you can discuss with your little ones why winter is a great season after all!

Read Wintry Classics

Many children’s stories highlight winter in a great way. From The Snowy Day to Owl Moon or Millions of Snowflakes, these stories will bestow upon your students the joy of winter without the cold. Make reading fun by asking each student to read a line in their own way, adding some character to the story! Once finished, you can discuss with the class what they liked about the story and if they learned something new.

Winter is a season during which some people, even children, can feel down. By introducing fun activities to help brighten their days, you can help your students to enjoy the winter season.

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