Being Active This Summer!

Summertime usually means PLAY time with your kids. The annual summer vacation signals an end to schoolwork and classrooms and beckons backyards, pools, and sports.  June 21 is National Skate Day and it sounded like the perfect chance for us to talk about all things active this summer!

Benefits for Keeping Your Children Active

There is a lengthy list of the benefits for being active at any age. Increased physical activity provides benefits to all areas of our lives and development, but specifically, here are some great benefits to keeping your child active:

  • Physical activity tires kids out, improving their sleeping ability at night
  • Helps to develop stronger bones and muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Release of endorphins, our brain’s “feel good” chemicals. This in turn has been proven that children feel less stressed by their school learning and less likely to experience depression (Portland, OR).
  • Habit formation
  • Weight control
  • Social development – children learn teamwork, communication, and sharing during physical activity.

These are all reasons that alone are a great reason to get your child outside. Together, they should absolutely encourage you to help your child be more active! The government recommends that ideally children should get sixty minutes of physical exercise every day. “This can be broken into two 30-minutes sessions or four 15-minute sessions each day!”

Tips to Get Your Children Active This Summer

Here are some tips to keep your children active – indoors and outside – all summer long!

  • Choose an activity that interests them! It can be anything – Frisbee, teeball, or freeze tag, but find something they enjoy doing so it is fun!
  • Play with them! Ride a bike, swim, dance, or skip alongside your child. They’ll want to join in if you are having fun doing it. Be active as a family!
  • Limit television & computer time in the summer. Children may see this as a bore, but it allows them the chance to fill their time with other things, like being active!
  • Organize a summer party or birthday around a fun activity like bowling, trampolines, or roller skating
  • If you need a reward to encourage consistent participation, offer new equipment of their favorite sport!

What are some things you do during the summer to stay active with your children? We’d love to know!

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