Bring Christmas to Your Students with These Neat Lesson Ideas

Your class is eager for Christmas, and you can get them even more excited by teaching them about the holiday in a fun way! Many teachers have different methods of bringing the joy of Christmas to their classes, so feel free to get creative. If you need some ideas, however, read below for great ways to introduce Christmas to your little ones!

Read a Christmas Classic

Christmastime is the moment to dust off the classic stories that are retold again and again each year. Stories such as A Christmas Carol and The Gift of the Magi are good places to start. These timeless classics hold up for a reason! They teach people, young and old, about the value of giving and the power of love. There are many other Christmas classics; pick one out today!

Create Christmas Wish Lists

There is no denying it: Kids are eager for Christmas presents! One way to teach them creativity is to have them concoct wish lists. You can approach this in many ways. Have your students write down what they want using construction paper, crayons, and glitter. Let their imaginations run wild. They can wish for realistic things or ask for their own pet dinosaur! After they make their lists, hang them up on the wall. Or, if you want to teach your students how to use computers, have them email their lists to Santa himself!

Teach Gift Wrapping

horse-547008_640To combine Christmas and the arts, have each student wrap their own gift! Ask your little ones to bring in presents, and teach them about shapes and how to wrap a gift to perfection. Afterwards, have each of them give a gift to a fellow student. Watch the children’s eyes light up when they open their presents!

Stage a Christmas Play

Teach your class about acting by staging a play! You can choose from classics like A Christmas Carol and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or even reenact the nativity. Cast each student in their own roles, and ask them to practice their lines and their characters until the night of the play. They can perform it in the classroom, or you could host it in the auditorium for their parents and other students and teachers. To incorporate art, encourage them to create their own props for the play.

Christmas is here, and with it comes many fun ideas to teach your students! Right now they’re probably excited to get a break from school for a few weeks, but once you have some Christmas fun with them, they won’t want to leave!

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