Building Rapport with your Child’s New Teachers

Teacher and Student In A Classroom At SchoolSchool is back in session and as much as we want our kids to strike out on their own and make their own good impressions, we all also want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help them along. A big part of building rapport with your child’s new teachers is all about making sure that the teacher knows who your student is and what sets them apart. This is especially true if your child requires special learning accommodations. It is also about making sure that they know that they can count on you for whatever is needed, whether it is the at-home job of making sure that your child is doing his homework and preparing for class every day, or more specific and targeted activities such as helping out in the classroom or chaperoning a school trip.

As teachers’ schedules become more crowded and the demands being placed upon them become more challenging, it becomes more difficult to attract attention and set yourself apart in a positive way. Here are a few good ways to build rapport with your child’s new teachers.

Get a Head Start

The first few days of school and during parent teacher meetings, are when parents   want to talk to the teacher, introduce themselves, and try to stand out. As important as these opportunities are, it’s a smart idea for parents to get a head start and introduce themselves a few days before school starts. By showing up before the teacher has affixed a name to a face or a behavior record to unruly disruptions in class, you’ll be on her mind when a disruption occurs that may include your child.

It is a great idea to volunteer and try to give the teacher a sense of what makes your child unique, memorable, and worth devoting their time to.

Put a Face to a Name

It may seem cheesy or corny, but there’s a lot to be said for making sure that your child’s teacher knows who they are right from the start. This is especially true if your child needs a little extra help or supervision.

Taking the time to order something personalized, and connected to your child for presentation to the teacher ensures that they will not be lost among the shuffle of other children. A great gift idea would be a custom mug or bowl that features one of your child’s best, or most enthusiastic drawings.

Watch the Calendar

One of the first things that every concerned parent should do is to match up their child’s academic calendar to their own personal calendar. This keeps parents aware of midterms, finals, parent teacher meetings, and more.

Keeping in mind these easy tips for the new year, will keep you on top of your child’s school’s activities and get a jump start on their learning accommodations. Don’t forget to order a personalized art mug, and have your child present it to their teacher on the first day of school to seal the relationship.

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Nona Taut

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