Celebrate Summer Solstice!

Despite many school calendars already starting summer vacation, summer official starts this week with the sunniest day of the year! The official start of summer is the summer solstice, which is June 20 this year. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your children about the importance of seasons and how they affect the food we eat and what is grown at different times of the year.

Summer is usually marked by beaches, water slides, cookouts, or trips to the lake, but it’s also a great time to continue education for our children. We can start by teaching our kids about the four seasons:

  • Winter is cold, so we can ski, make hot chocolate, and wear warm clothes!
  • Spring is when flowers bloom, snow melts, and temperatures start to get warmer!
  • Summer is hot! Hot! Hot! It’s the time when trees are full of leafs, swimming is fun, and school is usually out!
  • Fall is when the weather turns colder, leaves begin to turn orange and fall off trees, and school starts back.

But don’t forget to remind your child that the seasons are about more than the school calendar. It also directly impacts the fresh food we eat, and it dictates for farmers their planting, harvesting, and selling. They know the perfect time to plant different items, when their crop is ripe for harvesting, and even when to sell their crops so that they eventually make it to your kitchen table! Foods that are planted & then harvested in different seasons include:

  • Winter – turnips, winter squash
  • Spring – Asparagus, brussel sprouts
  • Summer – Chili peppers, green beans,
  • Fall – Carrots, onions, sweet potatoes

Finally, here’s a fun video about the importance of farming and agriculture in today’s modern world that you can watch with your child!

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