Celebrate Your Grandparents with MakIt

You haven’t missed the deadline yet for Grandparents’ Day orders! (Whew!). The special holiday is quickly approaching (pst! It’s September 8th!) so the deadline to get your photo product orders in is almost here. We’ve made the process SUPER simple to help you pick out a product and get your order in today!

1. Find your favorite picture of your parents and their grandchildren!

2. Select one of our many photo project items from the MakIt store here.

3. Upload your picture to the MakIt site and properly align it on your new photo product.

4. Finish the order!

5. We’ll work hard to turn it from idea to real life and then ship it back to you before September 8 so you can celebrate Grandparents’ Day by surprising them with a personalized gift!

It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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