Customer Plate of the Week: 6.19.13

Once again we are bringing you a “double-header” over the next two weeks’ Customer Plate of the Week, so tune in again next week!

The background for the story is from Emily M. of Chicago, IL, without whom this project would not have been possible 🙂

“The girls are honored to be chosen as customer plates of the week and would love to be included in this project!  I’m in graduate school to become a teacher and babysit in my down time. The large order was my gift to all of the kids I babysit.  The two plates you selected were actually created by sisters.”

Riley M., age 12, Northbrook, IL reports:

-The first time I did Make A Plate was at a friend’s birthday party a couple of years ago.  I was really young and the plate I made then is kind of funny to look at now.  I’ve become a much better artist since then.

-Before deciding what to draw I looked online for ideas.  I liked the sun and grass from an example plate on the MakIt website, and knew I wanted to do something similar.  I wanted to make something for spring since it’s coming up and it’s my favorite season.  I used some of the things we have been doing in art class, like making borders around letters and using dots for shading the sun.

-I use my plate all the time; sometimes I have to search through our other plates just to find this one since it’s my favorite.  I especially like to eat Nutella off of my plate!

-I would like to send a shout out to my dog Coco!

Riley, we totally agree with you that Nutella is the best thing to put on a Make A Plate, and props to your dog Coco! Thanks for sharing your story and photo with us!

Riley M

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