Customer Plate of the Week: 6.26.13

As you will recall from our last episode, we are featuring another plate sent to us by Emily M. of Chicaco, IL, as part of her order of Christmas gifts for the kids she babysits. We’d never heard of a babysitter doing a project with her crew, and we’re happy you shared it with us!

This weeks’ plate was made by Shea M., age 10, of Northbrook, IL and features a technique none of us here at MakIt had ever seen before. She drew small lines in such a way that the resulting image of her hand looked three-dimensional and the plate was quite spectacular! Here’s what Shea has to say about her project:

-The first time I did Make A Plates was at a birthday party about two years ago.  We each got to make one plate as the party favor and it was always my favorite plate.  That one also has my hand print on it, just an outline and I like to measure how much my hand has grown since then.

-Before I decided what to draw on my plate I looked online for some ideas.  I knew that I wanted to do a hand print, like my old plate.  I first saw the 3D hand drawing on Pinterest and practiced A LOT before doing my final draft.  There’s a lot of detail and it’s hard to draw each line perfectly.  By the end my hand hurt from all that detail!

-I use the plate every day, or as often as we can wash it.  My favorite thing to eat off of it is cantaloupe.

-I would like to thank my babysitter Emily for coming up with the project and over all being the best babysitter in the world.  Oh, and my friend Katie who kept me company while I drew all of those tiny lines!

Shea, this was one of the most unique, interesting plates we have ever seen here, and we are so glad you pushed through the pain to complete your artwork. Katie must be a good friend because we’re positive it took a long time to do. We also agree with you about Emily, and wish we’d had a babysitter like that when we were your age. Thanks for sharing your story and your artwork with us and the rest of the world!

Shea M

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