Customer Plate of the Week: 7.3.13

This week’s customer plate of the week comes to us from the Lindo & Crist Families in Minnesota & Ohio! 

In the early 1970’s, as a little girl, I remember making a plate with my four siblings!  My mom still has the plate and uses it often when we visit!  The plate has held up wonderfully after almost 40 years!  For the past 5 years, my children have created plates for themselves and other plates to give as keepsake gifts!  It is a tradition that they look forward to every year!  They create their plates in late October, and then they receive or give them at Christmas!  We’ve even shared our tradition with friends that look forward now too every year to creating their keepsake plate!  Thank you for creating such a fun, lasting personalized product that brings joy to so many faces!

The Lindo & Crist Families

Make it plate 005

Make it plate 004

Make it plate 003

Make it plate 002

Make it plate 001


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