Dads Deserve Thanks! 4 DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

When Father’s Day (June 21) rolls around, it’s time to remind your students of all the great things their dads do for them. Whether it’s teaching them new skills, helping them with homework, or taking them for fun days out, Father’s Day is the time to say thank you. While not all of your students may have father figures in their lives, encourage them to thank another parent, guardian, or someone who cares for them.

Why not do that by arranging a craft day? Your students can make unique gifts to show their fathers their appreciation. Check out these fun ideas!

1. Handmade Card

A handmade card is a simple and sweet way to show appreciation for someone. Your students can make their cards with colored cardstock or construction paper and personalize them with felt markers, colored pencils, and other decorations like glitter and sequins.

Inside, have your students practice their handwriting and their sentence structure by writing a heartfelt message to the card’s recipient, thanking them for all the things they do.

2. Personalized Photo Frame

Show fathers that they’re worth a thousand words by framing their picture in a homemade picture frame! Use corrugated cardboard for the backing and colored cardstock for the front of the frame. Ask each student to bring in a photograph of themselves with their father, and fix the picture in the frame with craft glue.


Your students can then decorate their frames with sequins, glitter, pasta in different shapes, shells, and a variety of other small objects which they can paint in cheerful colors.

3. Decorated Mug

Another lovely keepsake is a decorated mug. Incorporate this craft into a class discussion about the great things each student’s dad or guardian has done for them.

Using felt markers, your students can create personalized designs on their mugs based on the ideas they discussed. You could even suggest they use the mugs to take their dads a cup of coffee on the morning of Father’s Day.

4. Photo Coaster

One more unique idea that is sure to make any father smile is a photo coaster. Ask your students to bring in a photo they want to use, and cut it to the size of a ceramic tile. They can then paste the photo onto their tile using mod podge. This thoughtful gift perfectly complements the decorated mugs your students made! Be sure to have each member of your class share why their chosen photo is special to them.

Any gift is bound to put a smile on a father’s face, but DIY gifts are sweet and personal. When your students are making their gifts, remind them to say thank you to their dads and loved ones once in a while and to appreciate all of the other people who help them every day!

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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