Easter Craft Roundup: Welcome, Spring!

Easter is a fantastic time to create bright, fun decorations with your class! The themes of spring, including new life and baby animals, flowers, and pastel colors, can all be incorporated, giving you almost limitless options for colourful craft projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Painted Eggs

A classic Easter craft that is always easy and fun to do is decorating eggs; turn something ordinary into a beautiful creation!


— Blown-out eggs

— Non-toxic paints

— Pipe cleaners

— Glue

— Colored paper

— Dye

Encourage your class to paint their eggs with colorful designs or add paper shapes and pipe cleaners to make egg animals. Experiment with wrapping string around the eggs before dipping them in dye to create unique designs.

While your students are decorating their eggs, talk to them about the lifecycle of a chicken and what baby chicks look like and enjoy eating. Your students’ decorations are also a great way to incorporate a lesson on geometry into a celebration of spring!

2. Decorated Bowls

For a lasting keepsake that’s fun to make, an Easter bowl is the perfect choice. Encourage your class to decorate their bowls with pictures of whatever they love most about Easter, such as spring flowers, eggs, or pictures of their family enjoying the holiday. They can use their creations to hold sweets during the class’s Easter party or take them home to hold decorated eggs, homemade treats, and more!

3. Easter Baskets

Making paper baskets for Easter treats is a great way for your students to use their imaginations and motor skills to turn simple paper shapes into fun decorations. What’s more, they’ll end up with functional creations to carry other things they have made.


— Colored paper and cardstock

— Glue

— Scissors

Fold a large sheet of colored paper into a bag shape then cut out egg, flower, and animal shapes from papers of different colors to decorate the sides of the bag. Strips of cardstock can be used to form handles for the baskets. A piece of card lining the base of the basket will help to strengthen it.

4. Pompom Animals

Add these cute and simple Easter-themed animals, like chicks and bunnies, to your craft collection!


— Glue

— Pompoms

— Pipe cleaners

— Felt shapes

Using two pompoms to form the head and body of their chosen animal, your students can attach felt shapes for details such as ears, beaks, and feet. These animals can be used to decorate the tops of eggs or Easter boxes or can even be incorporated into a larger project, such as a pompom farm!

5. Bunny Ears

You and your class can make adorable bunny-ear headbands.


— Colored cardstock

— Glue

— Pipe cleaners

Stick two pipe cleaners along the length of a strip of card, then bend it to form a headband. Cut out ear shapes from the card, and glue them to the top of the band. As a fun finishing touch, your students could even cut out felt to cover the ears with a softer coat.

After they’re finished, encourage each child to wear their headbands and hop around like Easter bunnies!

There are endless ways to brighten up your students’ Easter season. Eggs alone offer countless options for creativity, but there’s so much more too! With a little imagination, you can keep your class busy with projects they’ll love.

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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