Five Neat Gifts for Grandparents from the Grandkids!

MattiSometimes it seems like buying good gifts for grandparents is an impossible task. After all, they’ve already experienced much of the world and probably had the opportunity to purchase just about anything they’ve wanted for themselves.

But with a little bit of thought you can come up with some great gifts that your grandparents (or your kids’ grandparents) will absolutely love. Here are five ingenious ideas to start you off.

1. Webcam

Whether you live close to your grandparents or are on the other side of the world, having a webcam on your computer and theirs can bring you right into their home with the touch of a button. A webcam can be purchased for as little as $30, and with just a few minutes of set up, Grandma and Grandpa will be able to have real-time conversations with the grandkids in a way that feels as if you’re in the same room.

Kids will be able to pull their latest artwork right off of the refrigerator door or show off their dance moves, and Grandma can give everybody a sneak peak at the delicious holiday cookies and pies she is working on for the next family gathering.

2. Photo Platter of the Grandkids

Speaking of the next family gathering, a gift that grandparents will truly love is a platter that features a favorite photo of themselves with their grandchildren. Imagine how much more fun it will be for Grandma to serve up a plate of cookies to her friends on a platter that features her family’s smiling faces.

3. Digital Photo Key Chain

Remember the days when grandparents used to pull out a “brag book” stuffed with photos of their grandkids? Well now you can purchase a digital photo keychain that will hold dozens of digital photos and can be updated as easily as plugging it into the computer. Your key chain goes wherever they go, so it’s a convenient way to allow them to share family photos with their friends and neighbors.

4. Airline Gift Card

For grandparents who live far away, a gift card from the airline that flies most frequently to where their grandchildren live is a welcome and thoughtful gift. They can use it whenever they want to visit the family, or use it to fly the family out to where they are.

5. Lunch with the Grandkids

Sometimes all grandparents want is a little alone time with their grandkids. Setting them up on a lunch date with the kids is a great way for you to facilitate some wonderful memories and heart-to-heart talks, without making them responsible for babysitting, cooking, and cleaning. Make a reservation, arrange to pick up the tab, and then disappear for an hour or so to give them some time to hear all about what’s going on without mom and dad filtering, adding, or editing.

Don’t forget to add a personalized touch and you’ll have a great gift to offer.

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Nona Taut

Nona Taut is Sales Director for Makit Products, located in Dallas, Texas.

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