Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Am I a brownie? Am I a cookie? I'm so conflicted!

Anybody who has ever been stuck inside with kids on a rainy day knows that the situation can get really old, really fast. It’s amazing how quickly the movies that previously held them transfixed become boring and how toys that were must-haves fail to generate interest or become battlegrounds. The best way to head off skirmishes and save your sanity is to have a cache of brilliant rainy day activities at the ready.

Feel free to pull any of these out of your bag of tricks the next time the forecast calls for rain, rain, and more rain.

Make a movie

These days everybody has a smartphone or camera that can take high quality videos, and they’re simple enough to use that even the little ones can take a shot at being the cameraman. Making a movie is an activity that can be as short or as extended as you wish and as simple or complex as the kids’ ages demand.

Dressing up and filming scenes, gives kids lots to think about, lets them collaborate, and gives you and them something they can share and remember later. You may find this activity so successful that kids will look forward to the next bout of stormy weather so they can do it again.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are always a winner, and with the easy-clean materials and clever products that are available today, there’s no end to where your kids’ creativity will take them, once you point them in the right direction.

You can whip up a batch of washable paint and let them have a wet and wonderful time decorating the bathtub, or have a more quiet activity where you can share family stories around the table, while having them color a family tree that can later be saved on a custom-made plate. Having a special crafts storage area helps make channeling energy into art easier, and also helps with cleaning up afterwards.


This is an old-school idea that never gets olds. Kids love to spend time in the kitchen, and there are so many different ways that you can keep them busy and happy. From baking cookies that involve pulling out all of your cookie cutter shapes, to making gelatin blocks that wiggle and inspire giggles, the kitchen is one of the best places to keep kids occupied and happy on a day when the weather is anything but.

After making that homemade movie, bring out a personalized plate to serve those cookies and relax. Everyone will be yearning for a nap after a fun-filled day.

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Nona Taut

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