Fun Ways to Bring the Christmas Season to Your Class!

Being a kid during Christmas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, filled with joy and wonder. If you teach a class of little ones, take time to remember how Christmas felt when you were their age. Think of some activities that can introduce your students to the Christmas spirit. There are a handful of ways teachers do this, many of them stemming from tradition. Some hand out candy canes for their children to enjoy. Others pop in a classic Christmas movie and let the class take a couple of hours off.

Get your creative juices flowing! Allow your students to give your room the Christmas makeover that it deserves, all while letting their imaginations run free! Below are just a few ideas you can use to get the holiday rolling.

Let the Kids Decorate the Classroom

Considering adding your own holiday cheer to the classroom but feeling too busy? That’s where your students come in! Let the children’s imagination run wild and give your room the Christmas cheer that will really spruce it up.

Bring in a Christmas tree, and ask your students to bring in their own ornaments or decorations for it. If you want to turn it into an art project, let the children make their own unique Christmas decorations.

Dress Up Your Classroom Door

Decorate the outside of your classroom, too! Send a warm invitation to your students by decorating your door with Christmas cheer. Besides hanging up wreaths, you can have the students bring in extra wrapping paper. Each student can tape the wrapping paper to your door, and soon the entrance to your classroom will be its own Christmas present.


Make the Cork Board More Cheerful

If your class has a cork board, it’s time to dress it up for the holidays. Have the kids make decorations from construction paper and then hang them on the cork board for all to see. A few ideas to start include a Christmas tree, a snowman, Santa and his reindeer, or a festive holiday wreath. Have your little ones pitch in a few ideas, too.

Play In the Snow!

Finally, if it’s snowing and time for recess, let your students have some fun in the snow! Have them build snowmen, or join them in making snow angels! All of these are timeless activities they can enjoy in the snow, and better than staying indoors.

While school is a place for learning, it can be a space for play and fun, too! As Christmas break approaches, encourage your students to do some festive activities that ring in the holiday. They can be creative, entertaining, and, most of all, educational. Students are only going to experience the true wonder of Christmas for a short time, so make it amazing!

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Nona Taut

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