I’m Musically Challenged – And I’m Ok With That!

I honestly cannot carry a tune in a bucket. I laugh that if I was ever forced to karokee to save my life, I was going to lose either way. It’s one talent that as much as I would love to have, I was not born with. My shower head will absolutely agree. Does that make me love music any less? Of course not! In part, I may enjoy music more because I realize how truly special it is for those who can sing beautifully.

Regardless of how much (or little) singing talent we are born with, music is an integral part of our lives. We all have our favorite songs that can play on repeat for weeks at a time. We all have those special songs that conjure memories of days past. And we all have that artist that if at all possible, we try to see perform every single time they come near our town. Music is a part of our lives. And according to many scientific studies, it helps enrich and impact other areas of our life.

Various studies were performing in the late 1990s around childhood development and music. Researchers found that children given piano lessons improved dramatically in IQ scores and mathematical reasoning than children who were instead given computer lessons or no lessons at all. Another study found that music lessons not only helped improve students’ self-esteem, but their ability to recognize patterns and critical thinking skills improved. The studies concluded that music, despite the belief that it simply provides entertainment, can enrich the mental health of those actively participating in the music arts. Just another reason to sign a child up for music lessons and encourage them to stick with things until they are able to better play the instrument or sing!

What instrument / musical talent does your little one possess?

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