Importance of Mom

Type “importance of mom” into Google and thousands of articles will flood your computer. Personal stories. Scientific studies. Pictures. Videos. Letters. As one writer put it, “mothers don’t quite make the world go ‘round, but sometimes it seems like its one of their responsibilities” ( Cultures have long placed importance on mothers and acknowledged the necessity of them for not only growth, but in the nurturing and development of youth.

A January 2012 study showed that “school-age children whose mothers nurtured them early in life have brains with a larger hippo-campus – that’s a key structure important to learning” (CBS). A separate study showed that a mother’s influence impacted whether children stayed on at school and went to college. Science is proving that a mother’s touch and love actually improves a child’s ability to learn. Amazing.

We all can admit that our mothers had a major impact on our lives. We can point to specific instances where her love has kept us safe, her words made us strong, and her hugs made all scary things disappear. Mothers make us who we are today. So as we inch closer to Mothers’ Day and the annual celebration of the most important women in our lives, let us each step up our game beyond a simple card and signature. Do more for the woman who has molded you, who sacrificed her selfish needs for you, and who has – no matter any and everything you did – loved you unconditionally. That earns more than a small Hallmark card in our book, wouldn’t you agree?

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