Lauren’s Story

Our Make a Plate story begins the Fall of 1986 when I was 5 years old and in kindergarten. We made plates in our class and brought them home. That plate is still in existence, it’s the one with the big crack and the butterflies and house that says Lauren with all the letters connected – I thought I was very cool that I could do that! I used that plate constantly and as you can see my sisters – Emily and Elyssa – made plates by the time they were 5 too. We used those plates for 5 years.

They never went in the dishwasher because we ate off of them at every meal and they always had to be clean. This is true for all of our plates. We were very very possessive, no one else could ever use them and they were always hand washed so they were available whenever wanted them. We each made 2 more plates through our childhood, about every 5 years. It was a HUGE deal when we made a new plate. We would spend hours thinking about what we were going to do. It was a massive production.

The one with my name and the pink flower is actually modeled after my wedding invitation. The crossword puzzle that my fiancé (now husband) made is filled with words that are meaningful to us. The picture of 2 people apple picking is where we went on our first date. When my sisters and I finally met our perfect matches they were each entitled to make a plate. My fiance (now husband) did not know the rules and made 2 plates! To this day it is still held over his head that he had not earned that 2nd plate yet.

It was not a question when I had kids that they would each get their own plates too! When the twins were 10 months and my oldest daughter was almost 4, for Hanukkah, everyone got to make a plate. It was the twins’ first drawing and it is preserved forever now, what a fun and special memory to have! Now my eldest daughter also gets to make all of her grandmothers plates – my mom says she’s much better at drawing and truly she never would have made a “Nama the Ballerina” plate, only the wonderful mind of a 3 year old can do that! Each plate has a special memory and story to go along with it and every time we use them those stories are brought back to life. To this day when we all go to my mom’s for dinner we use our plates. There will be plates for years and years to come and I cannot wait to see the fun and excitement and planning and stories that go into them. –

Lauren Fielding

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