Let’s Make A Turkey

turkeyThanksgiving is a holiday that seems to get overlooked a lot. We just finished all the fun Halloween brings. We dressed up and grabbed some candy, and now we are already getting all our winter and Christmas decorations ready to go. Don’t forget that there are some great Thanksgiving activities that your students or group will love! So before your smoke alarm goes off to let you know your Turkey is done, here are some points to talk about with your group or class while making this awesome Thanksgiving craft and have fun putting it together!

Let’s Make That Turkey! This craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages! You’ll only need a few items to make it and it can be completed in 30 minutes or less! We’ve included simple step by step instructions you can print off so even little artists can accomplish it with supervision. Have fun and show us your turkeys! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from Makit Products! Download Art Project Here

Here are some things to talk about with your group or class while making your turkeys:

The Pilgrims took an epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean to a new world.

Plymouth Rock is the traditional site of the landing of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. It is an important symbol in American history.

The Pilgrims had a perilous first winter at Plymouth.

The helmsman held a very important job aboard the Mayflower.

Pilgrims lived in homes modeled after English cottages with a roof made of thatch.

Without timber, the Pilgrims would not have been able to build their homes.

Petticoats, breeches, doublets, and stockings were just a few of the many layers of clothing the Pilgrims wore.

During the First Thanksgiving celebration, both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag ate venison, among many other delicious foods.

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