Make A Plate Kit

Summertime means free time for many kids at home. Besides encouraging more outside activities to get them up and off of the couch, there are some great indoor activities to occupy their time and awaken their creativity for those upcoming hot summer days.

If you haven’t tried our MakIt Make A Plate kit yet, now is as good a time as any! The Original Art Plate Kit allows your child to turn anything they draw into a lasting memory! Each MakIt kit turns a drawing into a 10” plate that is break-resistant, nontoxic and dishwasher safe. The kit includes 25 blank templates so you can create as many plates as you want. Here’s how it works:


Below are some images of previously created MakIt Make A Plate art plates to help get the creative juices flowing!

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Be sure and take photos capturing your child’s experience – both while they are drawing and when they receive their completed plate in the mail. Then be sure and share your story – and photos – with us on our blog, just like other MakIt fans.

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