How to Make the Perfect Back-to-School Kit

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Sending your child back to school is hard on you as a parent. Besides the separation anxiety, you miss their smiles, energy, and even their complaints while your child is filling their brain with knowledge. Going back to school can be just as stressful for your child, and they are relying on you to help the transition go smoothly. You can do so by putting together the perfect back-to-school kit. Besides sending them into his classroom with the required supplies, think about a few of the extra things we included below

Pencils/Pens and Erasers

While many classrooms share art equipment like paints and construction paper, teachers only have so many pencils to give to students who have lost or broken theirs (and you know that will happen)! Stock your child’s back-to-school kit with extra pencils, so when an accident does occur, she knows she has a backup. And don’t forget a pencil’s best friend: the eraser!

Healthy Snacks

The healthy snacks you pack in your child’s back-to-school kit should be packaged so that they can sit in the bottom of her lunch box or backpack without going bad. You’ll know you’ve provided him with healthy alternatives to the junk food they could get from vending machines or friends. Consider including pretzels or dried fruit, and be sure to ask your child what their favorites are.

A Change of Clothes 

This addition to the kit is especially helpful for younger children, who are more likely to make a mess during art class or on the playground – or even have an accident. But there’s no reason an older child can’t store a change of clothes in his locker or backpack. Just in case something happens, he can save himself the embarrassment of calling you for help and grab those extra clothes instead!

Something to Cure Sadness

There is always a moment (or a few days) during the back-to-school season when children feel sad. They could be overwhelmed or stressed, or they might be feeling homesick. Include a little something in your child’s back-to-school kit to instigate a smile. This could be a favorite photograph of the family or the family pet, or you could go one step further and order a lunch mug with that photograph on it. It will give your child something solid to hold onto when she’s feeling down, or they can bring it out during lunch or snack time and show the world how loved he is!

A well-thought-out and well-prepared back-to-school kit can make all t difference for a smooth transition to the classroom. Set your child up with essential supplies, a change of clothes, and something to remind him of home like a personalized mug, and you’ll be setting him up for a fun school year.



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