Making Memories with Makit – A Customer’s Story

My family first began making art plates in 1991 when I was just 6 months old. My grandmother was a preschool teacher when she discovered the art plate idea and decided to share it not only with her class, but with her grandchildren. My grandmother had my older brother and I make one plate (almost) every year for my mother for Mother’s Day. It’s a fond memory of mine, sitting at my grandmother’s table with my brother, creating a beautiful plate (sometimes more than one) which we could enjoy for years to come. Making these plates quickly became something of a tradition to look forward to every year. Once I was older, it was fun to receive each new plate and compare it to the previous years to see how our artistic skill, creativity, and talent changed over time. I must note that we did not display these plates; instead they were used as frequently as any other dishes, incorporated into practically every meal every day. They were our ‘matching set’ dinnerware, and they lasted and lasted and lasted through wash after wash.


By 1996, we were joined by my younger sister, and we continued to make these plates until around 2004 when my grandmother retired from teaching. Though I was sad that we were discontinuing the tradition, we had accumulated quite a number of these plates and had plenty of these art treasures from childhood.

For Mother’s day 2013, I revived the tradition bv searching online for ‘create your own art plate’. I rediscovered Makit Products and purchased a kit to have each of my siblings create one more art plate. This was a sort of ‘last plate for Mom’, a thank you for her mothering us, as we were all now happy adults.

Also in 2013, I began nannying for two young children in my hometown. I decided to introduce their family to this wonderful way to preserve childhood memories. I had each child (4 years and 1 1/2 years old) create their first art plate. The family loved them, and we continued this tradition for them again this year. Though I am returning to school this year,  I did purchase the Makit Art Plate Kit for the family, and I hope they will continue to create art plates for many years to come.

I discovered the photo plate when I found Makit in 2013, and I created a collage for my kiddies of some of our fun times from my nannying experience. “What a wonderful idea!” I thought. Not only can we create children’s art plates, but now we can have photo memories as well! This leads me to the photo plate featured here.


My brother is getting married this October, and my family is giving them a picnic basket with all the fixings as one of our gifts. Since these art plates hold so many memories, I wanted to give him his plates. However, I did not want to take them away from my parents, so I thought of the photo plate. What a perfect way to put all of my brother’s treasures together in one beautiful plate. It was the perfect gift to give him as a fond reminder of his childhood.

Makit has been so valuable in bringing an aspect of youth and personality into everyday life. These plates are fantastic! They are built to last, and offer endless possibilities for creativity and sharing. There are so many ways to create!  One could:

  • Take an entire family picture at a family reunion and create a photo plate for each family
  • Have children draw each year for parent’s days
  • Use photos or art or even writing as anniversary or wedding keepsakes
  • Write letters or poetry that will be seen again and again as the plates are used

These plates have touched my life ever since I can remember, I continue to encourage others to experience this beautiful project and I hope to pass on the tradition when I have my own children!

Ariana Flood, Happy Customer!


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