Making the Most of Mother’s Day

Every year I swear Mothers’ Day arrives quicker than Christmas Eve. It seems like yesterday was New Year’s Day and then all of a sudden, the new holiday has arrived and I’m left scrambling for a good gift. We can’t shortchange a gift for the woman who raised us, so this year I decided to get an early jump on the shopping. What I’ve found is that there are some really neat gift ideas out there if you take some time to look and personalize it. Maybe you can find one from the list below:


  • Live shows – you can’t go wrong surprising Mom with tickets to her favorite musician or musical. It’s a win-win – especially if it’s someone you know she loves and has never seen in person.
  • Museum / Gallery – Spend an afternoon by taking Mom to a museum or art gallery in your town. It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your mother, taking in the arts.


  • Treat Mom to her favorite restaurant – and you better pick up the tab J
  • Either steal Mom’s cookbook or buy her a new one – and start things off by cooking her a homemade meal to celebrate her special day.
  • If your mom is a busy worker, prepare her an entire week of food so she can take to work, saving her the trouble of cooking all day Sunday!

DIY Gifts

  • Scrapbook – Scan and copy a ton of your mom’s favorite pictures of the two of you from over the years and put into an artistic scrapbook she can cherish.
  • MakIt Photo Plate – Of course we’d remind you about these awesome gifts J. Snag your picture of you and your mother and treasure it forever with a MakIt plate! (PS – April 5 is the deadline to get your orders in & back in time for Mothers’ Day!)
  • Homemade coupon book – “Free Yard Work,” “Good for One Homecooked Meal,” and “Good for One Dishwashing” are examples of some great ideas you can turn into Coupons for Mom. This will give her an extra set of hands for those household chores she selflessly does for the entire family.

So there you have it! No excuses on why you had a last minute scramble to get Mom something great this year – and remember, Mom deserves so much more than just a signed card. What do you plan to surprise your Mom with this year?

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