Managing Good Behavior in the Classroom

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As a teacher, some days are harder than others when it comes to class disturbances and unruly pupils. Statistics show that students tend to get especially rowdy on Fridays or on days before a holiday when they know they will be home for a while.

The best way to manage your students’ classroom behavior is by establishing a system that acknowledges or rewards good behavior, while making it clear that misbehavior is unacceptable. These ideas are sure to help.

Classroom Money

You can use Monopoly money or you and your students can brainstorm a currency design together. Print out different denominations and assign values to good behaviors, like consistently raising a hand to answer a question or staying in line when traveling from place to place. Your students can use their money to “buy” treats or small toys, like a deck of cards or a cool notepad and pen, from a treasure chest. In addition to incentivizing good behavior, this system can be used to fine students who demonstrate poor actions. It will also teach your pupils how to earn money, save, and spend it.

Create a Wall of Stars

Children love to see their accomplishments recognized. It motivates them to continue to do well. For this system, cut out several large circles from construction paper or cardboard and decorate them to look like moons. When a student listens well or helps a peer, they’ll get to write their name on a smaller star and adhere it to the wall near the appropriate moon. Your students will enjoy watching the wall of stars fill up in addition to seeing their own names up in the “sky.”

Send Some Mail

Assign each student her own mailbox. Ask them to write their names on the outsides and decorate them. When a student demonstrates good behavior, like turning in all of her work for the week, allow them to send a secret note to one of their classmates by placing the note in their mailbox. If you would like to acknowledge a specific student’s efforts, place a special note in his mailbox. They’ll be so proud to show it to their parents at the end of the day!

Give a Gift

You might consider rewarding one or two extremely well behaved and helpful students with the title of “Student of the Month.” For their reward, ask them to draw an original design, a representation of their friends, or favorite sports logo. Have their design printed onto a mug just for them. It will be a great reminder that good behavior gets rewarded, and they’ll love holding their reproduced artwork.

When students feel that their hard work and good behavior is recognized and rewarded, they will be more likely to persist in behaving well. With secret notes, funny money, and personalized mug prizes, managing classroom behavior can be a breeze.

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