National Camera Day!

June 29 is National Camera Day this year so everyone get your cameras ready! There’s only one way to celebrate this holiday and that’s by taking some fun pictures!

Photos are a Great Way to Capture Memories!

All of us enjoy flipping back through past photos of ourselves, our family, and friends.

“Can you believe my haircut?”

“Do you remember this vacation?”

“This was so funny!”

It’s an enjoyable experience reminiscing on our children when they were young, when were young, and sharing our favorite stories from the pictures. Most people keep their favorites in an album or a shoebox. Our children get to see us when they were our age – and of course laugh at our fashion or hairstyle 🙂

Did You Know…?

That MakIt can take your favorite picture and turn it into a plate or mug? We can! One of our favorite things to do at MakIt is turning your favorite memory into a plate you can use daily or your new favorite coffee mug. Look at some of these fun photo plates done over the years:




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