Turn Your Family Photograph Into a Treasure that Lasts


When your family means the world to you, they deserve more than a prominent place in your heart. They deserve a prominent place in your home—captured in a beautiful picture. Whether your family photo is framed on the wall, printed on a mug or even on a plate, simply having it developed and displayed will make your home a warmer and happier place to live.

Here are four great reasons to turn your family photographs into concrete memories this year:

They Make Great Art

Are there spaces in your home that could use some added décor? Take your camera and get to work! When done right, family photos can become beautiful pieces of art. So gather up those candid shots of you and yours: that day at the amusement park, your daughter’s dance recital, your son dressed up for a parade. Choose fun, funky frames and line your home with the ones you love—and watch as your rooms spring to life!

They Preserve Memories

These moments right now, with your children and your spouse, are ones you wish you could remember forever. But all memories grow cloudy, and when you can’t quite picture that beautiful day on the beach or the picnic in the park, it’s wonderful to have photos of those moments to look back upon.

Of course, memories aren’t just a source of entertainment. They’re important for posterity. Each family photo tells a story of a specific place and time; each photo is great in its own way for telling your children stories about your past and their own. Just think—they may use those same photos to teach their children about you!

They Remind You of What Matters

Sometimes the kids drive you crazy. Or work puts you under so much stress that you can’t remember why you decided to adopt your dog. Well, gather up that puppy with the rest of your family, put a smile on, and take a picture. Looking back on those faces will remind you of the good things in life. It will help you set your priorities. Most importantly, your family photos help to strengthen your family ties. Use them to teach your kids about relatives they may not see often enough, and remind yourself what life is really all about.

They Make Meaningful Gifts

Family photos make some of the most significant gifts there are. Print one on a mug and give it to your dad. Or print one on a plate, wrap it up with some homemade chocolate chip cookies from you old family recipe, and give it to your young daughter or son. Send them to faraway relatives or to children moving off to college. It’s guaranteed that gazing upon their family will make them happier than any trinket ever could.

Family photos aren’t meant to be taken and forgotten. They’re meant to be enjoyed! So take the time to take some great family photos and remember why they make you happy and how important they are to your life. You’ll be happy you captured the memories of the people who matter most.

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