Ways to Enjoy Labor Day

Everyone get excited! We have a three-day weekend ahead! Our annual Labor Day holiday is approaching and it’s the day that you can kickback, relax, and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. There are many things you can do to avoid work, de-stress, and relax this three-day weekend. MakIt has put together a list of ways to enjoy Labor Day just for you!

Take pictures

It’s the last weekend of summer (Fall officially starts after Labor Day!) so grab your family and get some final pictures together! You can take them at the house (inside or outside), the park, or even the local park. These fun pictures will help you remember the summer of 2013 and can even be turned into a fun personalized memory at a later time!

Drive with the windows open

Turn on your family’s favorite song. Roll down the windows. And sing loud and proud! Create a fun driving experience with your children by celebrating the upcoming cooler weather and having fun together singing along!

Open a lemonade stand

Who didn’t have a lemonade stand as a kid? We know some of our team did – and they still talk about it! Work with your children to make fresh lemonade and set up a table in your front yard with a poster for inexpensive – but really tasty – lemonade for neighbors to buy! It will make for a fun Labor Day activity and will keep your neighbors and friends cool during their afternoon, outdoor activities.


Summer usually signals cookouts and fiery grills. Send the 2013 summer off in style by grilling out with your family and close friends. Hamburgers, hotdogs, or steaks make for fun, easy grilled meals and the group get-together is sure to bring out fun stories from the summer. Also, use the cookout as your excuse to load up on the final run of summer fruit (like watermelon) that won’t be around in another month!

Go for a walk

Take a few minutes for yourself to gather your thoughts and feelings on a short, solo walk. It can be through the park, woods nearby, or around the neighbor. Regardless of your location, use this time to wisely reflect back on the summer and find that inner peace. The calm moments like this will help you stay charged for all the frenzy ahead during the fall!

What do YOU have planned for Labor Day to send off summer?

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