Welcome Your New Teacher with MakIt!

You can almost hear that first bell ring and all of the emotions of the first day of school flood back just like it was yesterday. New classes, new teachers, and new opportunities are memories that last with us forever. Now it’s the time of year to send our own children off to school!

Each year marks a new beginning and a great opportunity to start the year off on the right foot with our new teachers. Websites are all sharing great ideas on gifts to bring your teacher for the first day of school. Many ideas involve edible treats like cookies or fruit, while others encourage something teachers can use year round such as a coffee mug. MakIt has a great idea! Why not combine something edible with a personalized memory that can last?

MakIt is offering special “Teacher” themed photo plates to start the new school year! Browse the plate options, select one you’d like to use, and then order! You can even grab your child’s class roster to add their names to a few of the plate options so everyone is included on the design – creating a lasting memory for the teacher of this upcoming school year.

Shop our MakIt Teacher collection!

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